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2 The rapid growth of China’s economy for 10 years has brought about an increase in coal demand. 十年来,中国经济的高速增长带来的是煤炭需求的增加。
3 After a short period of gradual increase in the number of fatalities in coal mine accidents, with the continuous increase in safety investment, China has achieved a 15-year consecutive reduction in the death rate of one million tons. 因煤矿事故而致死的人数在短时间内持续上升后,我国不断加大安全投入,连续15年实现了死亡率下降百万吨。
4 Although the gap between China’s coal technology and foreign coal mining technologies has been narrowing, and even surpassing the European and American countries in some technical levels, and the level of safety management is also steadily rising, major accidents in coal mines still occur frequently. 尽管我国煤炭技术与国外煤矿开采技术的差距不断缩小,甚至在某些技术上水平超过欧美国家,安全管理能力也在稳步提升,但煤矿重大事故仍时有发生。
5 The coal mine production system is a complex socio-technical system with dynamic and non-linear characteristics, and the system includes many risk factors such as human, machine, environment, and management, and the relationship between the factors is also intricate. 煤矿生产系统是一个复杂的社会技术系统,具有动态性和非线性的特点。该系统中包含人、机、环境、管理等诸多风险因素,各因素之间的关系也错综复杂。
6 Therefore, in view of these characteristics, the construction of coal mine safety management system should be systematic and forward-looking. 因此,针对这些特点,构建煤矿安全管理体系应具有系统性和前瞻性。
7 This leads to the wrong management strategy of enterprise managers based on incomplete security information knowledge. 但这就导致企业管理者由于安全信息知识积累不足,制定出错误的管理策略。
8 Therefore, coal mine safety managers should firstly understand the relevant status and basic safety data of the managed in a timely and accurate manner. 因此,煤矿安全管理者首先要及时、准确地了解煤矿的相关状况和安全基础数据。
9 These safety management data are delivered to coal mine safety managers through reports, on-site inspections, and information systems. 这些安全管理数据可以通过报告、现场检查、信息系统等方式传递给煤矿安全管理人员。
10 This paper mainly has the following two innovations for coal mine safety management: (1) This paper proposes coal mine safety text classification and hazard source association rule mining algorithm for coal mine safety management. 本文对于煤矿安全管理主要有以下两个创新点:(1)本文面向煤矿安全管理,提出煤矿安全文本分类和危险源关联规则挖掘算法。
11 The algorithm combines neural network and text classification algorithm. It can better identify possible hazard sources. (2) This paper is based on the concept of sustainable management for coal mine safety management objectives. 该算法将神经网络与文本分类算法相结合,可以更好地识别潜在的危险源。(2)本文基于可持续管理理念来探讨煤矿安全管理目标,从而确保了煤矿生产的可持续性。